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The DevOps Landscape: Tools, Tips and Starting Points

DevOps is on everyone’s radar lately, with some companies looking to improve their capabilities and others starting from scratch. But what does that mean, and what are the options? Tracey Barrett spoke about real world experience in DevOps both from a technical perspective and about working with different teams involved.

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How to Make Your Website Not Ugly (UX for non-designers)

To craft well-designed websites, you have to know 50 names for ‘blue’ and the difference between a font and a typeface. You probably have a degree in illustration or graphic design, or maybe you attended some hip code school in Oakland and call yourself a User Experience Architect. Right? Nope! In fact, there are numerous small, simple and practical ways to vastly improve the look and usability of a website, no matter how creative you are(n’t).

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Power Query Presentation

Power Query is recent addition to Microsoft Excel that helps you get & transform data from many sources. Dory Owen has been an independent software & database developer for more than 15 years. She love tidy data and time-saving shortcuts and loves to share her tips & tricks of the trade.