Machine Learning

Naveen VK presented on machine learning and how artificial intelligence works. She broke down the information on buzz words like Neural Networks and provided an intro to the algorithms used in supervised and unsupervised machine learning, based on the material from the Machine Learning Algorithms class on by Stanford University professor, Dr. Andrew Ng.

About the speaker:

Naveen VK is a Principal Architect at NVISIA, a regional software development partner. Over the last 19 years she has designed and built custom applications using the Java Enterprise stack for industry leading companies in the finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing and government sectors, including the State of Wisconsin. She enjoys sharing her expertise through technical talks and presentations at various meetups including Codecinella, Milwaukee Big Data and other software development user groups in Madison, Milwaukee and the Twin Cities . She is one of the organizers at Codecinella, a contributor to the enterprise architecture team and a team lead at her current client and a member of NVISIA’s senior leadership team.