About Us

Improving technology through Feminist cooperation in Madison, Wisconsin.

Codecinella.org is a coalition of local women software developers, students and professionals, looking to strengthen our community, and to encourage more women to become involved in the technology field. Most of us really like solving puzzles, writing code, and learning new technical skills. Some of us are geeks. Some of us are very new to the field, and think we’ll like it, but need a safe learning environment in which to figure out how fun it is and how well we fit. All are welcome.

We focus on technical talks and hands-on technical workshops, as well as low-key hack sessions. If you want to present a technical talk, we’ll help you do that, too. Visit meetup.com to learn more.

Where did Codecinella get its name?

Inspired by the lady bug, our name is derived from the genus coccinella.