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Lightning Talks Workshop

When: Wednesday, November 16, 2022
Time: 6:15 p.m. (Presentation starts at 6:30)
Location: Madison Central Library Bubbler Room

Have you ever thought about giving a technical talk but we’re too nervous to follow through? Are you interested in learning from and getting to know with other technical women? Do you want some accountability to learn about something new? Are you a student who wants to gain confidence talking about technical subjects?

Machine Learning algorithms inspired by nature

A high level talk about ML algorithms inspired by behaviors observed in nature. This is an intro-level session to give you a taste of what algorithms are out there with some real world examples and use cases where these algorithms have been used and implemented. The main goal of this sampler-level talk is to pique your interest in one or more of these algorithms with details about how they work and how they have been used IRL (in real life). At the very least, you will gain new insights into how Machine Learning has evolved.

Architecture Design Patterns

Our July co-hosted in-person and hybrid Codecinella / Women In Tech event  was in the Bubbler Room at the library in downtown Madison or online via Zoom.

What is Architecture? Why does Architecture matter?

Join us for our June co-hosted in-person and hybrid Codecinella / Women In Tech event in the Bubbler Room at the library in downtown Madison or online via Zoom. We will discuss anything/everything related to Software Architecture, what/why/how, and share our personal experiences and anecdotes.

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Welcome Back – What’s your Stack?

Let’s get together to chat about what is in our toolkits as developers. We’ll discuss what we use for work vs. what we develop with for fun or side projects and examine what software development tools we have in common and hear about tools or languages we aren’t yet familiar with.

Introduction to Azure for Developers

Azure is Microsoft’s Cloud platform which has a plethora of services. As a developer, are you interested in learning about these services or intimidated about where to start. Join me as we go over some of the services that give you an idea about the direction and some guidance that you need to navigate the Azure landscape.

About the speaker: Naveen VK is a Technical Director at NVISIA with over 20 years of professional development experience. She has designed and built applications in both .NET and Java tech stacks. She enjoys sharing her expertise through technical talks and presentations at various meetups and conferences.

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Innovative Data Visualizations to Engage the Public with USGS Science

“From Stream Gage to Twitter Feed: innovative data visualizations to engage the public with USGS science”

As the world’s largest water data provider, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) plays a vital role in protecting life and property, monitoring available water resources, and understanding our Nation’s aquatic ecosystems. Disseminating this water data and accompanying science is just as critical as producing it; however, traditional science products are often overlooked by general audiences even though they resonate with technical ones.

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Web Performance

When: Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.
Where: Madison Central Public Library first floor conference room

Mobile has outpaced desktop, especially in emerging markets. At the same time, the size of mobile apps has ballooned. Large applications fail to serve the majority of mobile users, who have low-powered devices and unreliable network connections. Progressive web apps can serve mobile users better. We’ll show you how to make PWAs that download almost instantly and work offline while still providing the functionality of native apps. Continue reading “Web Performance”

2019 Career Panel: A day in the life of a female computer science professional

This talk is designed to help undergraduate female computer science majors imagine a career in the Information Technology profession. Listen to a panel of experts — real Madison women who are working in the technology field — tell their personal stories. Why did they enter the IT field? What do they like about it? What do they dislike? How did they get to where they are now? Audience participants will have a chance to ask questions like ‘How did your education prepare you for your career?’ and ‘What do you wish you had known when you were still in school?’ and ‘Did you have any mentors or others along the way that helped you at critical moments?’ and ‘How do you balance family life with career?’