ChatGPT: Caveat Emptor

October 25, 2023 at 6:30 p.m.
Madison Central Public Library

About the Talk: Generative AI like ChatGPT represents a cutting-edge addition to a developer’s arsenal. Nonetheless, there are underlying hazards associated with these tools. This presentation zeroes in on ChatGPT, offering insights into its functioning and highlighting risks, encompassing legal, ethical, and regulatory aspects. It provides instances of companies integrating it into their operations and imparts valuable advice on how developers can harness its potential effectively

About the Speaker: Naveen VK, Technical Director at nvisia, has over 24 years of professional experience in designing and constructing bespoke on-prem and cloud applications across a range of industries such as finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and government sectors. She loves to share her technical expertise and experiences at diverse meetups and conferences.